Authorized Training Center (ATC) Program

UEI-Technology has established the Authorized Training Center (ATC) Partner Program to enable the timely and effective delivery of the product training customers need, so that they are ready and capable to create the Human Point System in their organizations. Whether driven by specialized business relationships, uniqueness in language or culture, or the challenges of travel to distant locations, we recognize that the competency and skill development needs of every customer cannot always be met by UEI-Technology Technical Learning Services.

UEI-Technology ATC Partner Program enables highly qualified partners, who have the in-house technical training capabilities and facilities, to become authorized to deliver select instructor-led UEI-Technology product training services to customers and partners. Benefits of the program are:

  • Official UEI-Technology training materials, such as courseware, instructor guides and media elements
  • Instructor certification (UEI-Technology Certified Technology Instructor - FCTI) and ongoing UEI-Technology product release training
  • ATC promotion via UEI-Technology partner finder and course finder, logo and visibility aides
  • Find external threats wherever they try to hide — We can analyze thousands of endpoints on the fly to find stealthy malware, unauthorized programs and other potential indicators of compromise and minimize the dwell time of attacks.
  • Direct access to the UEI-Technology Training Team and participation in co-marketing, meeting, and training events

Look for the UEI-Technology Authorized Training Center logo to ensure that you are receiving UEI-Technology authorized training and certification exams

If you are a current UEI-Technology partner, the steps to become and continue as an ATC Partner, as well as program benefits and contractual requirements are described in the Program Guide.

Download the guide by logging into the partner portal - then click this link.
Download the guide by logging into the partner portal - then click this link. For more information about becoming an ATC partner, please read the program guide, review and then contact either your Channel Account Manager or email UEI-Technology Technical Learning Services at