Banks Credit Union

Providing security services to banks, credit unions, and other financial service institutions of all sizes continues to be a primary focus for UEI Technology. Banks and credit unions face periodic or annual requirements for security testing, risk management, compliance issues, and other requirements of validation from FDIC, SEC, FFIEC, OCIE, DOL, OCC, and NCUA.

Knowing upcoming regulatory changes, requirements, and trends in the banking / financial industry is a persisting need for our banking / financial clients in general. These regulatory changes, requirements, and trends do need team of analysts from UEI Technology with proven experience in the banking / financial industry to ensure that financial institutions meet the requirements while implementing every measure for better a physical security and information security as a whole.

Financial Services firms do face increasing scrutiny in protecting client data with regulations or guidelines that may impact the company, employees, and their agents. Information security breaches are exposing critical client data, thus creating the struggle of repair damage and restore reputation. This is where UEI Technology comes in when employed, to conduct a thorough due care / due diligence and to measure, identify, and rank all information security risks in addition to offering or recommending risk treatments. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapping enables us to address compliance needs and the measure of all information security risks for our clients.

Financial institutions should demand a partner like UEI Technology, who stays on the cutting edge of information security and remains focused on helping to protect any financial institution, its’ customers, and / or members. However, it is through our relationships with industry-specific institutions and our constant interactions with our clients that make us stay one step ahead of others in providing effective, efficient, and excellent services.