Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a core part of any network security consultation and is usually the best way to get an initial idea of how open a network is to an attack. Vulnerability assessments are required for many compliance purposes. Most importantly, they are the foundation of creating a proactive information security programs that move beyond reactive measures like scanning, patching, and building firewalls by actively identifying the vulnerability holes and sealing them up.

UEI-Technology’s vulnerability assessment services touch every level of security at your company. It is important to accurately assess every piece of the network for flaws that hackers can use to break in.

We offer Network Vulnerability Scan, PCI Vulnerability Scan, and Web Application Vulnerability Scan. This means that scanners need to not only have a breadth of vulnerability coverage, but the ability to recognize sensitive systems and scan them accordingly without bringing down the network.

Since vulnerability assessment covers an entire network, UEI-Technology do provide the correct remedies, results, and reports to those concerned. Our practitioners will help your organization analyze vulnerabilities and recommend the best course of action to address them.